water We offer testing for a range of different water types, ultra pure, drinking, ground, and waste water. Our tests are based on such methodologies as Pharmacopoeial, drinking water regulations and standard waste water procedures.
For in-house testing we use a combination of photometric analysis (Hach Lange photometer) along with standard wet chemistry techniques (BOD, COD, TSS, TDS etc.) Click here to read more.
  food CAL offers a wide range of chemical analysis in food, that covers such areas as nutritional data for labeling purposes (e.g. protein, fat, carbohydrates), vitamins (water and fat soluble), sugars (total and reducing), fibre (crude and dietary). Click here to read more.  
  dna CAL offers piece of mind Paternity testing using the standard buccal swab method for Alleged Father, Mother and Child. The samples are sent to a specialised DNA laboratory in the UK for analysis. The results are 99.9999% accurate in confirming the relationship of the alleged father to the child. The cost is €350.00 plus VAT.
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