We offer testing for a range of different water types, ultra pure, drinking, ground, and waste water. Our tests are based on such methodologies as Pharmacopoeial, drinking water regulations and standard waste water procedures.
For in-house testing we use a combination of photometric analysis (Hach Lange photometer) along with standard wet chemistry techniques (BOD, COD, TSS, TDS etc.)

Ultra-Pure Water
Chemical tests on ultra-pure water include pharmacopoeial (e.g. Oxidisability, Acidity, Alkalinity), heavy metals (using ICP-MS) and anion and cation analysis (photometric).
Microbiological tests include Total Viable Count (TVC) and Endotoxin (LAL test).

Drinking Water
We offer a reduced parameter potability screen taken from the drinking water regulations (S.I. 278 of 2007 Click here to View) suitable for mains and well water. This testing complies with regulations for local authority standards and is mainly subcontracted to accredited laboratories in the UK. Analysis includes pH, Conductivity, Hardness, anions and cations and a range of metals.

We can also undertake the full directive if required which includes further parameters such as organometalic compounds, pesticides, VOC, SVOC and radioactivity. Microbiological tests include TVC, total and fecal coliforms.

Ground Water
We offer a full range of tests on ground water including contaminants such as PAH’s (petroleum hydrocarbons) pesticide and herbicide, solvents, phenols and PCB’s.

Waste Water/Effluents
A number of tests are offered to comply with specific discharge license requirements of our clients. Parameters include, BOD, COD TSS, detergents, oils, fats and greases as well as individual compounds depending on sample composition (e.g. phosphates, nitrates and ammonia).
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